Dan Thompson Agency

“Best Insurance Provider”

“Time and time again, Dan’s agency pulls through for us! Been with them for 12 years, Home, Auto, Life, and Umbrella. Under all policies, Dan’s team always has our family’s insurance needs under control with our best interest at heart. I would recommend Dan’s team for anyone who wants great coverage at an affordable price!”

— Jeff S.

“I’m So Happy”

“Over the last 20 years or so, in an effort to be sure my insurance needs are covered, I have purchased a variety of policies through Dan Thompson Agency. Whether I am purchasing or updating policies, the folks at Dan Thompson Agency have consistently explained the policy, answered my (many) questions thoroughly, responded quickly to emails, and have been helpful whenever I’ve called on the phone. I recently had a tree fall which involved both my homeowners and auto policies. I am very satisfied with the speed of Nationwide’s response to my initial call, their understanding of the confusion in damage caused by the falling tree, and the trustworthiness of the repairs to my vehicle. How nice to leave confusion and disorder and return to normalcy. Thank you, Dan Thompson, and your many competent, kind employees.”

— Marcee S.

“Part of Our Support System Since 1998”

“At first we only had homeowners and auto insurance policies, but over time, our needs, some of them complicated, have grown and Dan, and more recently Jasen too, have worked with us to make sure those needs are met with the right coverage. We valued the advice in guidance given to us over the years and the personal attention we have always enjoyed. Doing business with the Dan Thompson Agency is a pleasure.”

— Pauline G.

“GREAT Service”

“I have been a client of Dan Thompson for over 20 years. Dan is a very experienced insurance agent and has on a number of occasions gone out of his way to provide assistance. He meets with me on an annual basis to review coverage. He has provided great service over the years and I highly recommend him.”

— Rudy W.

“A Great Agency”

“Dan and his agency have been taking care of me and my family for years. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and responsive if I ever have a problem. We recently reviewed all of my policies and restructured a few things. This ended up saving me money and providing more effective coverage. This is going above and beyond if you ask me.”

— Chris B.

“Top-Notch Agency”

“I’ve had all my insurance supplied by Dan and the DTA team for 20+ years. They are truly professional agents able to understand my needs yet not pushy with products I don’t need. A few years back, Dan brought up identity theft protection. I didn’t know what identity theft was back then, but he explained the possible risks. His recommendation made sense, so I added the protection; and, yes, I did have my identity stolen shortly thereafter. The DTA team did an excellent job responding to my identity theft and protecting me throughout the situation. You won’t find a better insurance team anywhere!”

— Larry G.

“What Insurance Is Supposed To Be”

“I have been with Dan Thompson since he opened his agency. Over time my needs have changed and Dan and his team have always been there to ensure that the coverage I have – home, auto, life, umbrella – is tailored to meet my needs and provide the peace of mind that I want from insurance. But the true test of insurance is when you need it. We have only had three or four claims over 20 years. But each and every time the service was outstanding and the agency personally walked us through the process to ensure a pain-free recovery or repair. Bottom line is that if you want personal attention and coverage tailored to your needs, I cannot give a high enough recommendation to the Dan Thompson Agency.”

— Jim H.

“Proactive Contact”

“I met Dan when we were both on the board of SAFEchild of Wake County a child abuse prevention agency that we both feel strongly about. I have now been a client of Dan’s going on six years, and I have always been very impressed with the amount of proactive contact I have received over that time. Both Dan and his staff regularly contact me when changes in my coverage occur or to point out possible action that I need to consider. I have and will continue to recommend Dan to anyone I know.”

— Clay J.

“Personalized & Professional”

“As a first time homeowner, I sincerely appreciate the time and energy that Dan Thompson and his associates have afforded me. They conduct periodic reviews to make sure that my insurances are appropriate and up to date and responded immediately when I had a very unexpected flood situation! I highly recommend Dan & his team of caring professionals.”

— Karen R.